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ince the first no-fault divorce was signed into law in 1969, children of divorce have been much discussed, but have rarely been consulted regarding the lifelong impact of their parents' break-up. Generation Ex offers an eye-opening "inside look" from the perspective of a now-adult child of divorce: examining the after-effects on children who experienced the dissolution of their parents' marriage and exploring how adult children of divorce can achieve emotional healing.

Generation Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain - Available Now From WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House Inc.

Everyone knows someone who needs this one book!

- Click here to read the first chapter from Generation Ex (Acrobat Reader)

  • 40% of all Americans between 18 and 40 are children of divorce
  • Since 1970, more than a million children are affected by divorce each year
  • More than 50% of all children today will experience parental divorce by age 18
  • Of these, half will also go through a second parental divorce, also by age 18
  • One in 10 Americans will live through three of more parental divorces
  • Roughly 33 million Americans are now adult children of divorce

  • Affirm as normal the lifelong effects of parental divorce on one's faith and relationships
  • Illustrate how unmet needs can be fulfilled within the context of the Christian faith
  • Provide insight for dealing graciously with family issues
  • Offer practical suggestions for creating new family traditions and attaining emotional health and wholeness
  • Chapters include: Make Peace, Find Home for Ourselves, Seek Wholeness, Learn to Trust, Anticipate Our Triggers and more.

  • It is personal, not sociological in approach
  • It addresses the lifelong effects, not the immediate aftermath
  • It is written for and from an adult child's perspective
  • It has a Christian worldview
  • It is positive, offering hope for healing

  • Adult children of divorce
  • Divorced parents
  • Spouses and significant others of children of divorce
  • Counselors and pastors
  • Teachers, professors and student life staff
  • Questions for reflection
  • Challenge tasks to encourage healing
  • Resources for further reading
  • Starter questions for discussing the divorce with one's parents
  • Conversation starters for potential mentors
  • Exploratory questions to ask before engagement
  • List of considerations when planning a wedding with divorced parents
  • Guidelines for annual marriage retreats
  • Letter to divorced parents


    01. Our Story
    02. Make Peace
    03. Grow in Our Faith
    04. Redefine Our Family Relationships
    05. Find Home for Ourselves
    06. Seek Wholeness
    07. Learn to Trust
    08. Anticipate Our Triggers
    09. Create A New Marriage Model
    10. Choose to Love
    11. Conclusion

  • An Invitation to Become Abba's Child
  • Retreat of Silence
  • Marriage Retreat
  • Letter to Divorced Parents
  • About The Author
    SPECIAL NOTE: While this book is written from a distinctly Christian view, the concepts still apply to any child of divorce struggling with issues of forgiveness, trust, belonging and intimacy.

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